Welcome to Apricus Reform Pilates, a haven where the name itself, derived from the Latin word meaning “Full of Sunshine,” reflects the bright, happy, and positive atmosphere we’ve created to complement the essence of this transformative training style.

Our Mission: Apricus Reform Pilates at Bowden Gym Collective is dedicated to harnessing the power of sunshine—radiating positivity and warmth—within our space and your fitness journey.

Reformer Pilates Excellence: Step into a world where Reformer Pilates offers unparalleled versatility, promoting strength, flexibility, and balance. This comprehensive approach not only enhances your posture but also fosters efficient movement, continually challenging your body to achieve new heights of wellness.

Personalized Attention: Experience the difference of our intimate classes, capped at a maximum of 10 participants. This ensures you receive personalized attention from our expert instructors, guiding and refining your technique to maximize the benefits of each session.

Apricus Reformer Sessions:

Align: Fundamentals of Pilates Discover the foundation of Pilates with Align. This session focuses on aligning your body and activating your muscles, laying the groundwork for a strong and balanced foundation.

Define: Fullbody Tone Workout Embark on a journey with Define, a full-body tone workout specifically designed for our Pilates reformers. In this session, every muscle will be engaged, leaving you with a satisfying burn that signifies progress and transformation.

Join Our Radiant Community: Embrace the transformative power of Apricus Reform Pilates at Bowden Gym Collective—a community where every session is a celebration of movement, strength, and positive energy. Your journey to a brighter, healthier you begins here.

Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:
530 Define 600 Define 715 Align 845 Align
1030 Align 930 Define 615 Define 930 Define 815 Define 930 Define
1715 Align 1715 Define 1730 Define 1030 Define 900 Define 1015 Define
1815 Define 1815 Define 1815 Define 1815 Define





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